Waxing provides a smooth hair free result, that can last for up for 4 weeks. Over time hair will become less coarse and sparse.

Half leg wax (20min) £14     

+Bikini for £8


Three quarter leg wax (30min) £16

+ Bikini for £8


Full leg wax (40min) £18

+Bikini for £8


Bikini wax (15min) £10


Underarm wax (15min) £8


Lip wax (15min) £7


Chin wax (15min) £7


Lip and Chin wax (15min) £10


Eyebrow wax (15min) £9


Pre and after care for the best results.



Please refrain from using body lotion or moisturising body washes on the day of your waxing treatment as they may prevent the wax from being applied and removed efficiently.

Wear loose fitting clothing for any body waxing.



After care waxing


No lotions to be applied for 24 hours after waxing treatment, deodorant, perfume, self-tan, moisturiser, body wash and shaving gel – these could block pores and cause irritation.


No heated treatments i.e. sunbeds, saunas or swimming. 

Avoid hot baths or showers. 24-48 hours



Avoid tight clothing. 24-48 hours


Regular exfoliation will help reduce ingrown hairs. 24-48 hours after waxing.

If you have never had waxing before 
Don't shave or remove the hair
in any other way for 3 weeks
before your